Our world climate is changing at a rapid pace, and with current circumstances making in-person connection unrealistic, we want to remind you that connection, healing, and inner peace are still fully possible.

video classes

Good Vibes Collective began primarily as an online platform offering Kundalini yoga and meditation courses for people to access and utilize from the comforts of their own homes. While there are many benefits of practicing with a group, Kundalini has always been a home-practice yoga—an elevated addition to your daily rituals and lifestyle. 

To make that possible for you, we have high-quality video classes taught by The Gong Goddess that you can experience wherever you are right now, physically and emotionally. Classes are designed to:

  • quiet fear and anxiety

  • increase disease resistance

  • remove blocks 

  • heal trauma

  • release anger

  • balance the chakras

  • improve sleep & overall wellbeing

Purchase classes individually or enjoy full access for only $15 a month with a 5-day trial. Each class includes full-length videos, as well as access to instructional pdfs and mp3s of all the Good Vibes Collective original music used in each set.

live-streamed classes

While all of these changes can bring a lot of anxiety and uncertainty, they can also encourage us to reflect and refocus on what's most important. Crisis is an opportunity for us to become more self aware and to shift into higher versions of ourselves when we allow ourselves to change, transform, and be reborn.


To help facilitate that growth, we are offering life-streamed classes. During times like these, it's important to maintain a sense of community and utilize the tools and resources available to us for managing and honoring our emotions and experiences. We hope you'll find these classes to be stress-relieving and empowering. 

Stay tuned for the updated live-stream schedule. In the meantime, enjoy our professionally recorded video classes!

virtual private session

Looking for more focused one-on-one guidance and relief? Schedule a private session with Tara. Together, you'll create a personalized practice that includes energy work, breath, sound,   and meditation that heals emotions you are experiencing now.

online experiences

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