Good Vibes collective music

Good Vibes Collective is a collection of resources that help people raise their vibes and heal their lives. One of those tools is powerful meditation and mantra music with a modern influence.


Our music is created by Kyson Kidd and the founder of Good Vibes Collective,Tara Hunt. What started as a quick solution for Tara to have her own music for Kundalini yoga classes and events, turned into a full-fledged passion project to bring healing music to the world.

In the first three months, they recorded over 25 songs. The result was a beautiful collaboration—a magical pairing of ancient, beloved Sanksrit mantras with modern and relatable melodies.


Their high-vibrational music is beloved all over the world and perfect for every age and any setting: personal and public Kundalini practice, flow yoga classes, ecstatic dance sessions, meditation or mindfulness, and any moment that needs a shift towards more joy, stillness, or peace.

Good Vibes Collective music is available for listening, download, and purchase on SpotifyiTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, and YouTube.